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Morbid Tibet

December 1, 2011


Tibetan Buddhism is a fusion of the shamanic Bön religion and Indian Tantric Buddhism. From the times of the Bön religion originates the sky burial ritual – after death, the body including the bones is hacked into small pieces, which are left at specific sites to be eaten by birds. According to local beliefs, the […]

Cave Graves around Leshan, Sichuan, China

November 13, 2011


Cave graves are abundant around Southern Sichuan Province. Clay dogs are used to guard the graves, and the deceased is supplied with objects and animals of everyday use, so that these graves represent the lifestyle of the deceased and helped historians to study everyday life of former times. Coffins are decorated with  symbolic animal figures […]

Chinese Emperor’s Tombs around Xi’an

October 25, 2011


Near the tomb of the emperor Qin, three pits containing an army of life-size Terracotta Warriors, horses, chariots, administrators, entertainers, etc. were discovered. The excavations are still ongoing, and more pits are expected to be found. The tomb of the emperor itself has not been excavated, yet – there are legends of traps including a […]

Hong Kong Christian Cemetery

October 5, 2011


This Cemetery on West Hong Kong Island is set around the slopes of hills, overlooking a bay. Graves of wealthy people have large tombstones and religious statues, whereas other graves are small niches in walls with name plaques, images of the dead, and flower vases.

Morbid Papua

September 29, 2011


Ancient graves and megaliths with paintings overlooking the lake Danau Sentani can be found at Tutari. Devil Dance costumes are worn by Asmat tribespeople for ritual dances. During healing dances, medicinal hats are worn whose shape resembles the illness. Special bones are thought to have healing powers. Ancestral figures are prayed to, but also feared. […]

Mummy of Dani chieftain, Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

September 25, 2011


The mummy of Wim Tok Mabel, who was a powerful chieftain of the Dani tribe ~250 years ago, can be visited in Sumpaima village in the Baliem valley. The corpse was mummified by smoking it over a fire, and is kept in a traditional hut.

Cemeteries and Cliff Paintings, Kei islands, Maluku, Indonesia

September 9, 2011


The Muslim part of the capital, Tual, has a cemetery with old, crooked trees, which faces the sea and some old mosques, and is a good sunset watching spot. There are both old and new graves, which are all surrounded by low walls. Directly on the beach Pasir Panjang, there is another cemetery. Near Ohoidertawun […]


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